So, Last night I was on Pinterest and I saw this dotticure that was done by chickettes.com and I thought is was so cute.  I had to try it for myself.  I noticed that she used little circle glitters, but I don’t have that and I know that it can be achieved with polish and dotting tools.  So, I went and did my thing.

What you need:

  • Dotting tools.  You can buy dotting tools or use house hold items like tooth picks and bobby pins.  They all work.
  • Your choice of base and topcoat.

Polishes Used:

  • China Glaze – Fairy Dust
  • Butter London – Cotton Buds
  • Nanacoco – Sweet Sixteen
  • L’Oreal – Greycian Goddess
  • O.P.I. – I Saw… U Saw… We Saw… Warsaw

Step 1: You put your favorite base coat on your nails.

Step 2: I worked with two colors at a time, but it’s cool to use one.  First I put the grey and the pink polish on a hard piece of plastic or aluminum foil (I used an old gift card).  Then using various sizes I dipped a dotting tool into each color and just dotted my nails.  When you do it, you want to make sure you put more dots on the tips of your nails and less the closer you get the cuticle.


Step 3:  I repeated the same process with the next two colors, the blue and the white.


Step 4: Put one coat of China Glaze “Fairy Dust” on top.  This step is optional, I did it because I wanted a little sparkle.


Step 5: Put your favorite topcoat on 🙂 Pretty easy huh? dots2

Super easy to do and its so fun and cute.  I love it.


If you happen to read my first post and you click on the link to the other blog, just so you know there isn’t anything posted yet but there will be soon.  Follow me on instagram @sickreativity @sickreativityart and @kuuipo_nails

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