Spring Roar

Spring is finally here… even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.  My favorite part about spring is of course the weather, but my birthday is in the spring.  So it’s the best season in my book.  I felt like doing something bright this time around, with a bit of leopard print.  So here’s how … More Spring Roar


Sally Beauty Supply was having a buy one get one free sale on select brands.  China Glaze was one of those brands, so I got a few polishes, and while I was doing swatches for them I fell completely in love with this polish “Avalanche”.  It looked great in the bottle, but on my nails… … More AVALANCHE!!!

Ssssnake Sssskin

I was scrolling through Instagram (as I usually am) and I follow @yagala.  I saw her do this thing where she took an image from a magazine and turned it into nail wraps.  I thought it was so cool, so I did the obvious and tried it for myself.  Then I did a little extra … More Ssssnake Sssskin

Down to Earth

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some liquid palisade by Kiesque but I wanted to find a product with a cheaper price and with the same effect. So I recently ordered some liquid latex from amazon.com that you can get here.  It was cheaper than liquid palisade and I get more than they give in the palisade bottle.  This … More Down to Earth

Sugar Coat it!

I am really into blush and nudes right now, (which is funny because I really hate the color pink with the exception of hot pink.) and I recently bought some pale pink shoes from shoedazzle and I love them, (As Soon as this cold weather goes away I am so wearing them.)  so I decided to use that color … More Sugar Coat it!