Carey Fruth’s American Beauty

I follow this great blog by the name of Beautiful/Decay.  They are constantly posting awesome things in and about the world of art and I love it.  So, while I reading through new blog posts of everyone I follow, I noticed this post from Beautiful/Decay called “Carey Fruth’s American Beauty Inspired Series Challenges Notions of Ideal Body Types”  Fruth’s series depicts … More Carey Fruth’s American Beauty

Keepin’ it Simple

Here’s a new blue mani for you guys… enjoy 🙂 What You Need: Base Coat Top Coat White Striper Polishes Used: Essie – Find Me An Oasis Step 1: After applying your base coat, coat your nails in the blue polish. Step 2: Closer towards your cuticles, using the striper, create an “X”. Step 3: … More Keepin’ it Simple

Sunny and Shiny

I had to do a yellow mani, I was feeling so bright and sunny so I chose to use this great yellow polish from Sally Hansen.  What’s great about this one is that its sooo easy.  So here’s how. What you need: Silver glitter striper Base coat Top coat Polishes used: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Lightening … More Sunny and Shiny

It was a Steal!

So, while I was down south, I did a little shopping.  One of the outlets that we went to had a really big Torrid.  I had to go check it out.  I found some really great things.  Two blazers, a sequin jacket and a blush leather jacket.  The leather jacket, my Mom loved so much … More It was a Steal!

2428 Myrtle Drive

Last week, I went to Myrtle Beach for a family reunion.  I haven’t been to Myrtle Beach in years and I was so excited.  One of the highlights of my trip was the location of the family reunion.  It was at the Myrtle Beach State Park; the family reunion was in a shaded park area and … More 2428 Myrtle Drive