Carey Fruth’s American Beauty

I follow this great blog by the name of Beautiful/Decay.  They are constantly posting awesome things in and about the world of art and I love it.  So, while I reading through new blog posts of everyone I follow, I noticed this post from Beautiful/Decay called “Carey Fruth’s American Beauty Inspired Series Challenges Notions of Ideal Body Types”  Fruth’s series depicts all sorts of beautiful women laying in a bed of lilacs.  I love how this series challenges what society says is beautiful.  No one person is the same and I think that is beautifully and elegantly shown here.  I am all about body positivity this is a prime example of loving yourself and everyone else as they are.  I just love when I find an imposing work of art, it gives me warm and fuzzy feelings on the inside.  Here is a link to Fruth’s website and below are some of the photos from here American Beauty series.

Carey Fruth - Photography 2

Carey Fruth - Photography 14Carey Fruth - Photography 8Carey Fruth - Photography 7Carey Fruth - Photography 13Carey Fruth - Photography 6

Carey Fruth - Photography 12

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