The Black Widow

Here’s a cool and creepy Halloween nail art tutorial for you guys.

What you need:

  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Black Nail Striper
  • Red Nail Striper
  • White Nail Striper

Polishes Used:

  • Sally Hansen (Insta-Dri) – Rapid Red
  • Sally Hansen (Xtreme Wear) – Black Out

Step 1: After applying your base coat, coat your ring and index fingers in “Rapid Red” and the others in “Black Out”


Step 2: Using your red striper, create these two curvy lines on the sides of your nail on your middle finger.


Step 3:  Again, using the striper, fill in those two corners of your nail.


Step 4: With the red striper, create a “Z” on the big black part of your nail.


Step 5: Then draw a line connecting the two ends.


Step 6: Fill in the red shape, then with the black striper draw lines in side of the red area of your nail.


Step 7: On the red nails draw black lines and make them look like legs.  (If needed you can use your red striper to make your legs thinner.)


Step 8: On your pinky, with the white striper make three lines that start from the corner of you nail and spread out to the other parts of your nail.  Then make little “U’s” on the three lines.  This will be your web.  (If your polish begins to string a bit that fine, it makes your web look more “Webbie”.  I also did this on my thumb.)


Step 9: But your topcoat on and you’re all done.

Black Widow 1


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