Holiday Dots

After two weeks of having acrylic nails, I can say I really enjoyed them, but I also missed having my natural nails.  The truth is — it is nice to have the option and one day I’ll go back to them, but no time soon.  Anywho, after soaking my nails in acetone (which is why my fingers are wrinkly) and giving myself a well needed manicure, my nails are back to their old selves.  Thanksgiving is nearly here and fall just makes me want to wear dark colors and so I chose this oxblood color along with this metallic.  These colors seem so holiday appropriate.  As for the design, I saw this dotticure on pinterest here.   For the record, I have tried it before awhile ago, but it was a major fail.  So I’d thought I try it again. . . and although I still feel I need practice, I think it turned out pretty cute even though it didn’t turn out exactly as I thought it would.  I will probably try again someday, but, for now, here’s how I did this one.

P.S. Whenever I do a nail tutorial, these pictures are me trying it for the first time; no test runs.  Ninety percent of the time I have no idea what design I’m going to do.  So when I post it’s usually an idea I had or inspiration of something that I decided to do right after I apply that first coat of polish.

What You Need:

  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Dotting Tool

Polishes Used:

  • Essie – Shearling Darling
  • Essie – Nothing Else Metals

Step 1: After applying your base coat, apply Essie’s “Shearling Darling” on to your nails.Wackydots

Step 2: Using your dotting tool, dip it into Essie’s “Nothing Else Metals” and place one dot anywhere on your nail.


Step 3: Make a circle of dots around the one dot that you made.


Step 4: Do one more circle of dots around the previous circle. (Optional – On one finger continue the circles until their are dots all over that nail.  Sort of a funky accent nail.)


Step 5: Apply your top coat and you’re all done!!  Enjoy them 🙂



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