L’Enfant Plaza


I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and Holiday.  Mine was packed with parties, cooking, and my family.  I really enjoyed myself and I’m excited to bring in the New Year with family.  This year was great and I’m ready to see what God has in store for me in 2016.

We went to L’Enfant Plaza in Washington, DC to take these pictures and I really had so much fun taking them because I LOVE being downtown.  I always say it’s like my pores absorb the atmosphere.  I feel like I’m a city girl even though I’ve never actually lived in it, but I’ve had the luxury of always living really, REALLY close by.  I never get tired of DC; there are monuments, art, museums (mainly the Smithsonian), food, etc.  There’s always something to do here.  I basically live here and there are places I still haven’t discovered and as I said,  I just love it — so expect more shoots in DC in the future.

Now as for this outfit, when I found this top at Lane Bryant, I knew I had to have it.  I’m not the type to show much skin (outside of swimwear) but this gives a little peep show mixed with a baby doll look.  It’s so precious.  The little stars make it even more adorable.  That morning, I wasn’t paying attention getting dressed and I put on this blue bra underneath this sheer top.  And once I realized the look, I went with it and it all worked out because it played off of my jeans.  Then, I added the blazer to add that pop of color.  It was so cold and this coat is EVERYTHING.  It is soo warm, it makes me feel like it’s something I would wear in Russia.  I’ve already added it to bucket list.  It has the gold buttons as a detail to match the stars and my shoes.  The fur on the collar just adds another element to everything.

As always, I had to top it off with a hat — this one is from Lack of Color.  If you are a hat person, in my opinion, this is the place to order from.  All of their hats are beautiful and when you receive them, the packaging is a box and not shoved into a bag, and the hats are beautifully made.  This is the newest edition to my collection and when I received this one a couple of weeks ago, I was IN LOVE and I think I wore it the next day.  Anywho, I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them.  MUAH!

Wearing: Coat (Wool Military Coat) – Lane Bryant, Top – Lane Bryant (Sold Out), Jeans – Old Navy, Blazer – Torrid (Sold Out), Shoes – Zara (Old), Hat (The Noir) – Lack of Color, Sunglasses – Asos (Old)




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