Let’s Do a DIY IV: The Patch Jacket


Happy Wednesday!  For a few months now, I’ve been wanting to make my own patch jacket.  So, I’ve been on the hunt for a denim jacket at the thrift stores and when I finally found it, I looked online for some patches.  I had to do a DIY on how I decorated my jacket, and though it is still a work in progress, I have to say it is wear-ready.  My goal is to cover the entire jacket, but for now I’ll only focus on the back of it.  So far, its turning out better than I expected.  On Sunday’s post, I’ll show you how I styled it.

Items Used:

Step 1:  Lay your jacket down on a flat surface.  Then, place your patches all over the jacket.  This gives you an idea of where you want your patches to be on the jacket before you start ironing them on.


Step 2:  Take a picture of the jacket.  The picture helps you remember where you put all of your patches.


Step 3:  Turn on your iron.  The first time I did this, I was told to put the iron on low-medium heat.  After some trial and error, I found that setting my iron on high heat worked best for me.

Step 4:  Take all of the patches off and lay the jacket on the ironing board or wherever you do your ironing.  Then, using the picture as a reference, place one of the patches on the jacket.


Step 5:  Take a piece of scrap fabric and lay it on top of the patch.


Step 6:  Then, iron on top of the scrap fabric for about 30 seconds to a minute.  I like to do it for about a minute for some of the thicker or larger patches.


Step 7:  Pull the fabric off and let it cool and the patch should be glued on to the jacket.


Step 8:  Repeat steps 1-7 for every patch or continue on to steps 9-11.


The steps in red are Optional.

Step 9:  Choose four points on the patch.  In those four points, make sure you are on the edge of the patch.  If you don’t have some thread with that color, then it’s okay to go a little bit inside the border of the patch with the same color thread of the patch.  I did the yellow also to show you what I mean.  (I did these steps so that my patches were completely secured.)


Step 10:  After threading the needle and tying off the end, carefully push the needle through the jacket and the patch and pull it though.  Then go back the other way, but make sure to stick the needle as close as you can get it to where the thread is coming from and pull through on the other side.


Step 11:  Tug on the thread to make sure its holding the patch down; then tie it off and cut the thread.


Step 12:  Repeat steps 1-11 for every patch.  Then your jacket it ready to wear.

Here’s how its looking so far.






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