Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day!!!  As we all know, Mother’s Day is the day when we appreciate the women in our lives who have had the honor of being mothers.  My Mother is my best friend.  Ninety-nine percent of the time we get along (and I’m not saying that because it’s Mother’s Day), she’s supportive of everything that me and my brothers do, she’s always honest with us about everything, she’s crazy (lol), and she’s my photographer.  I felt like I’ve been blessed with the cool Mom.  So, Mommy, I dedicate this post to you.  I LOVE YOU, MA!  So expect me to make you the lemon tarts you’ve been driving me crazy about lol.

As for the outfit, I went with yellow because I have to make lemon tarts.  🙂

Top – Forever 21, Jeans – Old Navy (Old/Similar), Wedges – DSW (Old/Similar), Sunglasses – Old Navy



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