I’ve been wanting some distressed shorts, but I didn’t see any that I had to have.  So, I decided to make my own instead out of a pair of old shorts I had.  You can definitely do this to a pair of old jeans and get a very similar result and, and, and SAVE MONEY … More Distressed

At an Angle

So… I’m pretty sure I used these colors together in a post before, but I can’t help it, they look so awesome together.  Anywhoozle, I wanted to do some triangle nails that I’ve never seen before and this is how they ended up turning out.  I simply painted one line and went from there, and … More At an Angle

Eazy Breezy

  Happy Sunday!  I really enjoy breezy outfits that you can wear on the weekend from a party to a picnic, and all you have to do is change your shoes.  I didn’t do those things, but I did end up at a national park near my house, and I changed my shoes.  This look has a chilled and natural vibe going on, and it totally … More Eazy Breezy

Pin in the Polish

I’ve been seeing this cool way to marble nails all over Instagram.  I’ve tried to do it once before, and it was a fail.  I was using the wrong tool to swirl the polish, and it just didn’t look pretty at all.  I finally tried it again using a pin, and it worked out awesomely.  So here’s how to … More Pin in the Polish

Sunnie Obsession

I have an obsession with sunglasses.  They make me really happy, and I’m always excited to get a new pair.  They always add to an outfit and come in soooooo many styles.  I tend to lean towards round sunnies; I think they look best on my face shape and round usually comes in the more funky styles, … More Sunnie Obsession