At an Angle


So… I’m pretty sure I used these colors together in a post before, but I can’t help it, they look so awesome together.  Anywhoozle, I wanted to do some triangle nails that I’ve never seen before and this is how they ended up turning out.  I simply painted one line and went from there, and I really do love these nails.

Items Used:

  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • White Striper
  • Make-up Sponge

Polishes Used:

Step 1: After your base coat, apply one coat of white polish.


Step 2: Prep your nails for doing ombre.


Step 3: Then, using your make-up sponge apply the green and the yellow polishes on the sponge and dab the colors on your nails until you are satisfied with the blended colors.


Step 4: Take your white striper and paint a slightly diagonal line from the left side of your cuticle to the tip of the right side of your nail.


Step 5: Then, paint a short line from the tip of your nail to the right side of your nail.  Make sure the white lines connect.


Step 6:  Lastly, draw a white line across your nail connecting the two lines.


Step 7:  Apply Fairy Dust to your nails to give it some sparkle.


Step 8: Then apply your favorite top coat and your all done!



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