I’ve been wanting some distressed shorts, but I didn’t see any that I had to have.  So, I decided to make my own instead out of a pair of old shorts I had.  You can definitely do this to a pair of old jeans and get a very similar result and, and, and SAVE MONEY at the same time.  In my Sunday post, I’ll show you how I style them.  Here’s how I achieved mine.

Items Used:

  • Blade
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Felt Pen

Step 1: Using your pen, mark where you want to cut the bottom of your shorts.  I determined this by trying them on and folding them to where I would like the bottom to be.


Step 2: Using your scissors, make a small cut where the mark is.  I did this so I wouldn’t forget where I put my mark when I unfolded them.  You don’t have to do this if you’ve marked the outside of your jeans.


Step 3:  On the outside of your shorts, draw a line around the leg to give you a guideline of where you want to cut.  Using the bottom seam of your shorts as a reference helps to keep your line straight.


Step 4: With your scissors, cut the bottom of your shorts off.  Make sure you cut the front of your shorts first and then the back because the back of your shorts is a different length than the front.


Step 5:  If you want the bottom of your shorts to be frayed more, take a needle and stick it in the shorts very close to where you cut them and then pull the white strings down using the needle.  (if you prefer, pull the strings using your fingers, but I find that the needle is more effective).


Step 6:  Then using your blade (you don’t have to use a blade; I just found it was easier to make cuts in the denim), cut where you’d like your holes to be.  If you want there to be white strings showing in the hole, make sure you make two parallel horizontal lines even if one of the lines is the bottom of your shorts.  If you just want a cut in the denim, cut a horizontal line wherever you desire.  (If you want to make a cut near the pocket, make sure you pull the pockets out so you won’t cut a hole in them.)


Step 7:  In order to get the white strings to show, pull out the blue vertical strings in the denim.  Grab your needle and begin to lift the strings out of their place.  This helps to loosen the space between the blue stings.  If you have a large to medium space between the lines, you want to make a trail from line to line.


Step 8:  Now that you’ve loosened the space between the blue strings, grab your tweezers and begin to pull the strings out.  Keep pulling the strings until you get to the end of your cuts.


Step 9:  Continue to do this wherever you decided to put the distressed cuts.  As for the single slits, you can do the same thing to those as you did with the bottom of your shorts.

Step 10: When you are all done with your shorts, throw them in the washing machine.  This helps to soften the fibers of the denim and it will give you that truly distressed look you are looking for.


And you are all done!  How cute are these!  Happy distressing 🙂



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