I was feeling “geometric-y” (though that’s not even a word – LOL).  So, I went for these funky yet simple nails.  I just love blue and green together; it just happens to be one of my favorite color combinations.  Here’s how I did this super simple mani.  It literally takes no skill at all.

Items Needed:

  • Quick Dry Top Coat
  • Base Coat
  • Tape

Polishes Used:

Step 1: After apply your base coat, apply two coats of green polish on all your nails except for your ring finger.  Apply two coats of blue polish on your ring finger.

Step 2:  Then apply a quick dry topcoat.  You want to let your nails completely dry for the next step.  I let mine dry overnight.


Step 3:  On your pinky, apply two pieces of tape to your nail forming any angle you like.  Make sure the point of your angle is the middle of your nail.


Step 4:  Take your blue polish and fill in the open space the tape created.


Step 5: While the polish is still wet peel off the tape.


Step 6: Continue the steps 3-5 on each nail changing up the angles for each nail.


Step 7:  Apply a top coat to all your nails and you’re all done.



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