A couple of years back (before the blog), I did these Burberry nails.  I first saw Janelle from elleandish on YouTube do them.  I wanted to redo them for this blog.  It is just a easy as I remember because all it is, is a bunch of straight lines.  I think I might do some other … More Burberries

Out of the Blue

I love monochromatic looks.  You instantly look stylish by wearing only one color.  It really doesn’t take much thought at all.  What makes this one of my favorite looks is that I’m wearing my favorite color.  I can’t get enough of this cobalt blue; it gives me so much life. Top – Macy’s (Same Here), Pants … More Out of the Blue


I’ve seen multiple nail artists do these shattered-looking nails.  At first glance, it didn’t seem hard to do, and since I’ve tried it for myself, I can say it wasn’t.  It is however a bit time consuming, especially if you plan to do all of your nails with this design, but I love how they turned out. … More Shattered


I think I channeled a little bit of my inner hipster for this look.  It’s been pretty hot outside so I’ve  been wearing t-shirts and distressed denim.  The mean Mickey on my t-shirt is the reason for some of the faces I was making.  His mood just transferred on to me lol. T-shirt – Walmart (In … More Poppin’


I wanted to do something a little more abstract.  When I’m painting something abstract on canvas, I don’t really have an idea of how I want it to look; I just let the Holy Spirit create through me.  The same thing applied to these nails.  With the nails being my canvas, I just picked out … More Freestyling

A Little Class

Wearing this dress, I felt all “high society”.  I don’t know if it’s the drop waist with the flared skirt or the cute zipper at the neck line, but this scuba dress is super cute, and it was a great buy.  I added the pink accessories to play on the adorable aspect of the dress, but, frankly, any color could accent this … More A Little Class

Working it Out

I have already done a look for cooler weather, so I wanted to do one for the warmer seasons.  As I’ve said before, cute work out clothes helps to motivate you in being more active.  Active wear doesn’t have to be expensive.  Just as long as you have a cute tank maybe with some inspiring … More Working it Out


I always wanted a dress that I could just wear as an everyday thing.  Something to have when I didn’t feel like thinking about my outfit.  Then I found this dress and fell completely in love with it.  It’s very comfortable and versatile — you can dress it up or down.  I could literally live in … More Everything