I wanted to do something a little more abstract.  When I’m painting something abstract on canvas, I don’t really have an idea of how I want it to look; I just let the Holy Spirit create through me.  The same thing applied to these nails.  With the nails being my canvas, I just picked out some colors and went from there, and I got this mani as a result.  He never fails!

Items Needed:

  • Top coat
  • Base coat
  • Make-up sponge
  • Tweezers
  • Silver foil (Optional)
  • White nail art striper

Polishes Used:

Step 1: After applying your base coat, apply two coats of light blue to your nails.


Step 2: With your grey polish, take off some of the polish off of the brush.  Then, swipe a few strokes of the polish on your nails.


Step 3: Using your tweezers, rip a piece of the make-up sponge off.  Then, while still holding the piece of sponge in the tweezers, dip the sponge in the yellow polish and dab a bit of the polish anywhere on your nails.


Step 4:  Using your white striper, do the same thing you did with the grey polish and create thin white strokes.


Step 5: This step is optional.  With silver flakes, rip small pieces of it and apply some of the flakes to your nails using your top coat as the glue.


Step 6:  Apply your favorite topcoat and your Masterpiece is all done.


Instagram: @sickreativity



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