A couple of years back (before the blog), I did these Burberry nails.  I first saw Janelle from elleandish on YouTube do them.  I wanted to redo them for this blog.  It is just a easy as I remember because all it is, is a bunch of straight lines.  I think I might do some other plaid nails next week.  So, expect those as well, but here’s how I achieved them.

Items Needed:

  • Red nail striper
  • Black nail striper
  • White nail striper
  • Top coat
  • Base coat

Polishes Used:

Step 1: After your base coat, apply your red polish to your middle and pinky finger and your tan polish to your index and ring finger.


Step 2: Using your white nail art striper, draw two vertical parallel lines on the left side of your tan colored nails.


Step 3:  Using the same striper, draw two horizontal parallel lines across the tip of your nails.


Step 4: Using your red striper, draw a vertical line on the right side of your nail and horizontal line near your cuticle.


Step 5:  Using your black striper, draw three vertical lines around the white lines.  Two lines on each side of the white lines and one in between the two white lines.


Step 6: Then, across the tip of your nail, do the same thing you did with the black vertical lines.


Step 7:  Add a top coat to all of your nails, and you’re all done.


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