Plaid Part II


Last week, I promised that I would do another plaid tutorial.  In the midst of the week, one of my nails broke (Insert crying emoji here) and so I had to cut all of them down because I’m anal and all of them have to look the same.  Even though I really miss my long nails, this is a perfect opportunity to show that even short nails can look cool in plaid.

Items Needed:

  • Fast drying Top coat
  • Base coat
  •  White acrylic paint
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Nail art brush

Polish Used:

Step 1: After applying your base coat, apply two coats of a dark blue polish.  Then apply a fast dry topcoat.  Then, on the left side of your nail, using your brush and white paint, paint a vertical line.


Step 2:  Then, paint two horizontal line across the tip of your nails.


Step 3: Next to the vertical line, on the left side, paint another line.


Step 4: Using the red paint, on the right side of your nail paint a vertical and a horizontal line in the empty space crossing over the white lines.


Step 5: Add your topcoat and you’re all done.


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