Spinning Webs


I get inspiration from so many things.  In this case, I saw this huge spider in the process of creating his web, and I thought it was pretty cool and that it would be neat nail art.  I believe I’ve done it before, but the spider was the focal point of the nail art.  Since everyday we are getting closer and closer to Halloween, I knew this would be perfect to post.

Items Needed:

  • Quick dry topcoat
  • Base coat
  • White acrylic paint
  • nail art brush
  • Toothpick

Polish Used:

Step 1: After applying your base coat, put two coats of black polish on your nails.  Then, apply a quick dry top coat.


Step 2: After the polish dries, with the paint, paint three lines on each nail.  On each nail, make sure all the lines meet and the meeting point can be anywhere on the nail.


Step 3: Paint “U” shaped lines between each line in order to connect them.  With the toothpick scratch off any unintentional mistakes, if needed.


Step 4: To make the webs look a little imperfect, paint thin lines anywhere on the webs.


Step 5: Apply your topcoat and you are all done.


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