Are You Ready to Clown Around?


When I look back on my childhood, I really did enjoy it.  I watched quite a bit of fun TV, and I still do.  In the 90s, one of my favorite shows was “The Big Comfy Couch”.  I watched that show almost every time it came on.  Every episode, I would do the “clock stretch” with Loonette; I’d watch what situations she and her doll, Molly, would deal with; and I’d see Major Bedhead deliver a package from Auntie Macassar while riding a unicycle.  Oh and I can’t forget about Granny and Snicklefritz (I could go on and on).  So, it would be a no-brainer for me to dedicate this Halloween to my childhood and dress up as the one and only, Loonette.  Now, this task was no easy feat by any stretch of the imagination, but I enjoyed the entire process — from conceptualizing to manifesting it.  I had to make 90% of the costume, which took quite a bit of  time (and a lot of hand sewing and, of course, painting).  In the end, I think it turned out great.  What do you think?



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