I’MM BAACK!!!  I know I haven’t been posting for a while, but it’s because I went on vacation and I MOVED! (Not in that order.)  Moving was really the main factor for my absence.  I’ve been trying to get the house together and cleaned up to my liking.  So, because of all the moving, I’ve haven’t been able to find my … More Dripping


September of 2016 was a rough time for me.  If you’ve read my posts from around that time, then you already know what I was going through (If not, here are links to both HERE & HERE).  As a way to release my emotions, I decided to start a painting.  I really needed to leave it all on canvas.  … More Pressure

Kreative Space

For a couple of weeks, I have been working on putting my art studio together.  I was originally painting in my grandfather’s basement, but I didn’t feel inspired at all.  It caused me to stop painting for a while, but I never quit creating.  So I decided to transform an open room in my house … More Kreative Space

The “White” Hat

A couple months ago, my brother pestered me to paint this white hat that he had.  After a bunch of Leave-Me-Alone’s! and I’ll-Do-It-Later’s… lol I gave in.  He wanted it to be a bunch of different colors with paint thrown all over it with some words that mattered to him on it.  Me being me, I just can’t throw … More The “White” Hat

Carey Fruth’s American Beauty

I follow this great blog by the name of Beautiful/Decay.  They are constantly posting awesome things in and about the world of art and I love it.  So, while I reading through new blog posts of everyone I follow, I noticed this post from Beautiful/Decay called “Carey Fruth’s American Beauty Inspired Series Challenges Notions of Ideal Body Types”  Fruth’s series depicts … More Carey Fruth’s American Beauty