September of 2016 was a rough time for me.  If you’ve read my posts from around that time, then you already know what I was going through (If not, here are links to both HERE & HERE).  As a way to release my emotions, I decided to start a painting.  I really needed to leave it all on canvas.  … More Pressure

Kreative Space

For a couple of weeks, I have been working on putting my art studio together.  I was originally painting in my grandfather’s basement, but I didn’t feel inspired at all.  It caused me to stop painting for a while, but I never quit creating.  So I decided to transform an open room in my house … More Kreative Space

The “White” Hat

A couple months ago, my brother pestered me to paint this white hat that he had.  After a bunch of Leave-Me-Alone’s! and I’ll-Do-It-Later’s… lol I gave in.  He wanted it to be a bunch of different colors with paint thrown all over it with some words that mattered to him on it.  Me being me, I just can’t throw … More The “White” Hat

Carey Fruth’s American Beauty

I follow this great blog by the name of Beautiful/Decay.  They are constantly posting awesome things in and about the world of art and I love it.  So, while I reading through new blog posts of everyone I follow, I noticed this post from Beautiful/Decay called “Carey Fruth’s American Beauty Inspired Series Challenges Notions of Ideal Body Types”  Fruth’s series depicts … More Carey Fruth’s American Beauty