Pink Lady

I imagine if the Pink Ladies existed in 2016, this is how they would dress.  All black, like they already did (Rizzo was my favorite), and they would wear hot pink moto jackets instead of light pink bombers.  Hmmm. . . even though I would definitely wear the original pink ladies jacket now.  As a matter a fact, I … More Pink Lady


I’ve seen multiple nail artists do these shattered-looking nails.  At first glance, it didn’t seem hard to do, and since I’ve tried it for myself, I can say it wasn’t.  It is however a bit time consuming, especially if you plan to do all of your nails with this design, but I love how they turned out. … More Shattered

Pin in the Polish

I’ve been seeing this cool way to marble nails all over Instagram.  I’ve tried to do it once before, and it was a fail.  I was using the wrong tool to swirl the polish, and it just didn’t look pretty at all.  I finally tried it again using a pin, and it worked out awesomely.  So here’s how to … More Pin in the Polish